Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Practical Needlecase

This impromptu needle parking spot was functional, yet impractical since I kept stabbing myself everytime I grabbed it to pick up a needle.

Time to remedy that - establishing some simple guidelines: use stash on hand, self-design rather than follow a pattern, have a closure, don't go overboard with fussiness.

And this is the result - a covered felt roll. Machine cording (batik strips) on the outside in a loose pattern, inside lined with used 'Color Catcher' sheet from the laundry. Functional, not overtly beautiful or fussily crafted.
And the most important thing - its creation was pure fun!!!
Now in other fun new local friend Gina (we linked up on the new Quilting Arts forums where we discovered we shared Florida, Brazil and singing God Save the Queen in school ) has her workspace shared on Jennifer Cameron's open studio Friday blog feature. Way to go Gina!!


  1. What a great design; and that cording is cool!

    re: Jennifer's Open Studio Friday - it's fun peeking into all the studios without getting into the car!

  2. love the use of the twisted cording that way--yumctional :}

  3. I love your functional needlecase. Necessity is the mother of invention. It's so much nicer when it's fun too.

  4. Welcome to Fiber Art Traders! I love your needlecase idea and think that it would make a great fun project to trade in the group!!! Perhaps you would be willing to host this trade in the group? Let me know.
    Hugz, Normajean Brevik
    List Mom of

  5. I love this needlecase!! So creative. Awesome design!

  6. love how it rolls up into a lovely little package. such a practical thing. my needles and pins are everywhere....

  7. this is great and so spontaneous.

  8. jackie. i totally love your needle case! the fantastic little rolls make it tres chic! ;) xo


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