Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reuse and play

Reuse and play, originally uploaded by jckirner.

After the momentous paint color selection had occurred, we have a pile of paint strips left to reuse. Dressing up this ugly cardfile box is first up. Kids play tic tac toe with their polymer creations.

Play is what I have in mind when doodling with pen and paper, or pen and fabric. It is practice with controlling line, yet a lot of freeform work too. And sometimes it's just total nonsense!!

While working through a drawing class at college I stumbled across the Youtube tutorial videos of illustrator/author Mark Crilley. While I don't have the intention of becoming a manga comics illustrator, I do find his narrated videos to be helpful. And anytime you can watch an artist create you absorb all types of hints - from how to hold tools, move hands to get different effects, composition considerations...

That reminds me, class registration is coming up soon. Looks like figure drawing is in the works this term!!


  1. Awesome drawings, and love the creativity of the little box with creations playing atop.

  2. Sometimes nonsense is a worthwhile goal. ;-)


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