Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arm revisited

Palm side, originally uploaded by jckirner.

I got up today - woken by the dog - and felt the need to DO.
This last week welcomed the start of school and the transition of routines. Lots of bike riding, dog park - ing in sweaty weather, and new dinner menus tried.

Yesterday was a day of sloth/recovery. Today I'm refreshed and creating.

I cut out new hand silhouettes early on. Went into my diversionary routine (shower, coffee, online games) then headed back to the machine.

Certainly the unstitched painted tyvek arms are easier to turn through. I've snagged stitches as I manhandled the small fingers. Easily fixed/disguised with some more effort. But I'm ready to be done with this for today. Onwards with prep for the week...


  1. i am really realy liking these!

  2. Oh I like your arm; it's great!

  3. I love these!! Awesome work!


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