Thursday, September 3, 2009

Figure drawing class

Figure drawing class, originally uploaded by jckirner.

These pics will be a little difficult to see - soft pencil on aged newsprint didn't photograph too well!!

First live model figure drawing class last night. Challenging and fascinating all at the same time. And I progressed during the evenings class.

After the warm up gesture drawings we did a 10 minute continuous line contour drawing. As in - don't lift the pencil from the paper. I certainly got lost in the curled leg and need work on getting the overall proportions balanced. Still - not complaining!!

Then several 20 minute poses - which included me playing with this foot for too long. (Find that line! when in doubt try 20 more!)

And the last pose I got a better handle on proportions, although her head seems squeezed by the edge of the paper and the foot fell off the other side!!

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