Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indigo novice

Indigo novice 6, originally uploaded by jckirner.
A short morning session trying out the Indigo Dye kit. A scant 2 hours available to get the bucket o' dye started and try out a few types of fabrics and stitching/tying/clamping techniques.

Above is overdyed slubby silk.

Then some finer silk with embroidery that's as interesting on the back as on the front.

Had to try out cottons too - here a Lowe's nail pouch (!!! hey it was 77 cents - couldn't pass it up!!) and a thrifted pillowcase.

With a hint of how to do the basic dyeing - now to prep some more interesting pieces!!


  1. My goodness, if these are just for starters I can't wait for the main course, these are gorgeous.

  2. These are super. Someone brought me a packet of instant indigo but I have not tried it. After seeing this, I will put it on my list.

    P. S. Where in so Fla are you?

  3. Oh wow. So cool. Gorgeous fabrics. I had wondered about those indigo dying kits I saw in JoAnns when I was working there, but never got up the courage to do it or made it a point to budget it in for purchase. I'm especially enjoying the face on the cloth in that first picture.


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