Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Insert whining here

I have become as immobile as the frozen iguanas hereabouts. Certainly we're setup for swelter far better than shiver. Just. Cannot. Get. Warm.

(and here is where I'll spout off about us having a 4 degree comfort zone anything above or below and we're whining as too hot or too cold - weather wimps!)

Not for long anyway. Florida is thawing out and we'll be sweltering by the weekend with glee.

I've got tickover busywork to do...

mailing for paperbackswap

pulling my thread rainbow for the zigzag project

Girl Scout patches to stitch

And indigo to play with tomorrow!

Meanwhile - I'm spending finger warming time on the laptop playing Cafe World on facebook!!


  1. indigo is really catching on isnlt it?

  2. I do see it more and more. My initial inspirations to learn more came from viewing the indigo dyed kimono at a local Japanese museum


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