Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 days planting

5 days planting, originally uploaded by jckirner.
Summer temps arriving quickly here - into the mid and upper 80's every day. So....I had to jump on the replanting of the front beds this week.

Always in the overgrown state since we moved in 6 years ago, I had cleared the waist high and higher shrubbery a couple of months ago.

At last the right combination of inspiration and willingness to exert myself occurred. I spent the better part of 5 mornings (when it's shady) digging, soil enhancing, mulching, watering. (And the better part of 5 afternoons collapsed in an exhausted heap on the sofa)

Yay! it's done....

(and we're down to 7 hamsters - quiet happy dance!!)

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