Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I've Processed...a bit

Back now a week from the New York trip over Mother's Day weekend. Time to think back at what lingers in the mind, what impressions stick out.

"So, Jackie, what art did you see?"

Why, thanks for asking! (a stalling tactic as I gather my thoughts - beating back the mild panic that sets in when asked for specifics)

Sound related art lingers. In Bryant Park on our second visit we chanced across Kate Gilmore's  "Walk the Walk" performance installation. A giant yellow cube with 7 or 8 identically dressed women stomping about in pumps on the top. Entering the cube you felt the sounds magnified while reading the artists' statement about women, working life, ...(panic setting in again - I remember the sound, the visuals. , The words - not so much as they were grabbed in a momentary glance at the wall while watching where the rest of our family had wandered) (That's a video link BTW)

Then a visit to the Guggenheim museum. Not to see any specific exhibit, but to experience the building and its spiral for itself. "Haunted" was the dominant exhibit - and the sound installation by Susan Phillipsz looping at the base of the entry lobby has STUCK! A haunting woman's voice singing that echoed throughout the viewing of the other visual displays. Check out the video on the Guggenheim link to hear  a snippet and a few of the artists discussing their work.

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