Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inspiring Effort in not giving up

Recently, on Diane's blog Going to Pieces I learned of  BBCAmerica's  'The Choir' show.  This UK choir from a school in an underprivileged area is challenged by its charismatic young leader to compete internationally. Catching it onDemand on my cable I've not watched all the episodes (yet). This seems to be a video of the amazing result of following through with an intention despite any obstacles!

My own intentions are of a smaller scale! I'm continuing to enjoy working with my Modern Batik pieces, adding some simple stitching in places.

And my continuing efforts in decluttering have me turning to ebay to share the goodies and fund our future forays in fun!!
All I can say is Buy-It-Now has become my new mantra!!!

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  1. The Choir was a great favourite in our house - both my boys sing in their (all boys) school choir and get a lot out of it.


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