Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's been a funny week...

What with hubby falling and breaking his arm - leading to a night in hospital for observation - and surgery later in the the week to install a metal plate. (there he is pre-surgery, sporting the nicotine patch as he tries to quit smoking for faster healing - or so the doctor says - and we seem to be going through a lot of milk all of a sudden)

And I offer here  PSA #1  (Public Service Announcement)::::

Inspect your 27 year old wooden ladders well - for they may have hidden cracks that throw well-intentioned hubby's to the floor and break their arms. :-(

And PSA #2 :

Take care of your friends well - for they may volunteer  (okay - I'm still astounded by that one) to do emergency taxi-service and nurse duty for outpatient surgery if you're scheduled to travel.

Yep - unbelievably hubby kicked me out of the house (not really - just told me to NOT cancel plans) while he recovered. "You don't need to sit around and watch me sleep". And our good friends took over the patient duties.

Because, I was tour guide and scheduled to rendezvous with family members from 4 cities here

for this event .

I am thankful for unselfish hubby and friends that enabled these travel plans to continue. (And happy Anniversary to us - 26 years yesterday)

(P.S. And I'm grateful for eternal nudgings from financial gurus Susie Orman and Dave Ramsey for having an emergency cu$hion in place for those unexpected happenings!!)


  1. Oh - well I can sympathise, from the time my dearest one fell of the ladder whilst repairing the barn roof. I wish your hubby a speedy recovery.

  2. oh he was lucky. i know of some terrible accidents...


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