Monday, March 7, 2011

Conveniently close

(Marcrest Nordic Mint creamer - 49 cents)

As an eBay seller - I make frequent trips to the post office. It's oh-so-conveniently located, just one mile from home on the only road to anywhere. 

(Mikasa Cera-stone Maggi snack plates, 49 cents each)

What's even more convenient is the Goodwill thrift shop right next door to the post office! It  has a drive up donation door at the rear. Declutter and reclutter in just one stop!!

I usually pop into the post office to make my mailings, and my daughter pops in to the Goodwill to scout for treasures.

Some things we keep and enjoy, some things we are able to sell on eBay.

Some things are a big oops!!

Like this Japanese hotpot that I bought recently. Tiny cost - $1. Fun graphics. Missing cord (but I knew that).
And arriving home to untape the lid from the hotpot - finding a big old crack.

I'll repurpose it for paint brushes or flowers or some such thing.

This week I'm joining in Selena's Thrift Share Monday blog posts.

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  1. Love the pot even with the damages. Yes, I agree it would make a great holder for paint brushes, or wooden spoons in the kitchen? Love your blog. Come visit me on mine. Lana p.s. I'm on ThriftShare also


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