Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Veg Off

I'm just in from a sweaty and envigorating muck about in the yard. Tree trimming today, what with yard debris pickup slated for tomorrow in our neighborhood.

I've been enjoying garden posts from Lana of Life at Wildberry Cottage and Ann of  Wild Somerset Child.

(They kindly allowed me to post their photos here)

Lana's Strawberries
(Planted in her front yard - I think this is brilliant. She says we should be more adventurous with our fruit and veg placement! Now I'm waiting to see how her other planting beds come along.)
One of Ann's Malvern show photos.
It's the Hannah Gender's  Gold and People's Choice award winning entry. Hannah writes that she "sourced the entire garden on my bike"
(Ann showcased lots of interesting displays in her blogathon from the show, I love the container gardens and raised beds. Isn't that hazel framed compost bed great?)

And have you ever seen the suburban sustainable home at Little Homestead in the City?? Small suburban home lot in downtown Pasadena that produces their food organically, plus more to sell. Impressive. Motivating.

Then Lo and Behold I find I'm part of an impromptu family Virtual Veg Off!

One of the traditions we missed growing up away from the UK was the suburban neighborhood Veg Off. It was styled as a challenge to grow the most pounds (lbs) of potatoes from an eye from the same "starter spud". Seasons end came with the great dig up and weigh-in, a celebratory drink (or two), and bestowing of the coveted gilded wheelbarrow trophy. (Don't I wish I had a picture of that!) We always liked hearing the tales of sneeking supermarket potatoes into the earth before the dig to boost the weight and mused about one crafty fellow whose astounding yield one year came with a warning Not To Eat Them. Who knows what experimental fertilizer he'd got hold of!  (The next year came a new rule - all yields must be edible)

So we have my sister (in California) with patio plants

Then my Dad's Maryland garden

And my overcrowded patio boxes here in South Florida

Mum hasn't chimed in with a photo yet - just a cryptic "I'm having a problem with my tomatoes".

I'm not sure what our goal is yet. Or maybe there isn't a goal! Just pure enjoyment in growing and sharing little views from our scattered lives.


  1. Thanks for the kudos. I've got little white berries starting. Waiting for them to grow bigger and ripen. Can't wait. I love the way Ann does her compost, I have an ugly plastic barrel tumbler. Lana

  2. It's finally garden time here in Western New York and I'm so glad. Your little container garden is great. I'll probably do my tomatoes in a container as I'm not ready to do much more this year. Thanks for sharing and for visiting me at Cottage and Creek. Have a lovely week.


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