Monday, May 23, 2011

Christmas in May? - Thrift Share Monday

It must have something to do with spring cleaning, because I've found numerous Christmas items at thrift lately. From a Christopher Radko Shiny Brite tree pin to a Lefton dinner bell and sundry printed hankies/napkins. (I may want to keep the Santa mug!)

Then there were these Cross-stitched set of placemats with cardinals and wintery scenes. Couldn't leave them behind because I KNOW how much work it is to complete this type of stitching. (Takes an hour per square inch, at least!!) But likely headed for repurposing due to some staining in the plain sections of the placemats. I'm glad to know they were USED and not kept as too precious for wear.

These tiny beaded baby moccasins brought back memories of camping in the '70's.

 There was an area we used to camp in Ontario, Canada (Sauble Beach? Silver Lake? something like that) , where my family setup camp on the lake front. Trail hiking, swimming, cooking over the campfire, water-skiing were our activities. No tourist strip malls nearby, but there was a small gift stall at the check-in office filled with handmade items: Beaded chokers, dream catchers, a lot of things made from birch bark. I could imagine these little moccasins on that stall!

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  1. I love cross stitch items. I like to think of the person who sat and took the time to make them. Those are beautiful place mats. Of course, being the fan of birds that I am, I really like that they have cardinals on them. Great Christmas loot!


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