Thursday, May 26, 2011

fragmented days

Daughter's off to school, basic house duties done, now for the favorite part...
Painting on fabric (gutta' resist on white done the day before)

Yep, love watching the Dynaflow paints merge together, and pick up textures of things below.
I'm listening to Rice's podcasts, and having a chuckle. 

Ahhh - the best brushes - and I clean them on fabric - which I use in projects, too.

Now things need to dry - so off to photograph for eBay.

30 photographs later, school pickup is done, post office run done, I'm thinking ahead to dinner.
WHAT THE?? Strange corn is revealed - HAVE to photograph them!!

The next day, same routine, now I've washed out the panels, dried and ironed them
Mulling ideas for placement...
I'm underwhelmed by the first effort.
The theme? Barrels, burners and targets.

The black strips are helping, but I'm still bored by this.
Perhaps another approach will occur to me.
(Click the link to go through to the flickr posting and numerous notes!)

And I wander off, I need lunch and to walk the dog - yet I'm balking coz it's hot. (Maybe I'll sneak off to Panera's and walk the dog this evening!!)

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