Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Zynga Diet

I'm working my way back to fitness for the 1/2 marathon early next year at DisneyWorld.

My focused running training won't start until the end of August - I stick to the beginner's plan offered by Jeff Galloway on his running site. Just 3 days a week of effort, with the long run on the weekends. Very doable.

So I'll be spending the next few months dropping some pounds (hello - weightwatchers online!).

And battling some snack habits in the evenings that are KILLING me!!
Hence the Zynga Diet I've invented.

Those on Facebook are familiar with Zynga's games (Frontierville, Cafe World, Cityville, etc) and I find them amusing.
So, I'm filling my time when I'm battling the urge to snack with mindless, yet fun online games from the laptop or netbook while watching my TV viewing.

Come be my neighbor!!

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