Monday, May 9, 2011

Childhood Buyback - Thrift Share Monday

(Holly Hobbie and friends Amy, Heather)

Long before I became an eBay seller/reseller, I was a buyer. (Doesn't everyone start out that way?)

(Wil E. Coyote and Road Runner)

Back in the days of working full time, before I was home with my daughter, in the slow dial-up internet world I launched my search to buy back my childhood.

Having moved numerous times as a kid, and big moves - across countries and continents, I had longings for some prematurely discarded items.

By far my favorite re-find was the DisneyWorld box game. Complete with all the monorail, rides, ride tickets and character pieces.

I'm still searching for the "Which Witch?" game at a price I can afford. Sure, eBay has 'em, but scary prices!!

Minor thrifting efforts this week:

My favorite is the Pyrex dish!

Joining in with Selena's Thrift Share Monday

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