Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where's the bleep?

Something in my home is bleeping at me.

Which one is it? There are too many options. It's been a technology upgrade sort of week. Just about everything electronic has been unplugged, moved, re-setup in that domino-falling way of interconnection.

It started with a failing 7 year old printer. It printed okay, but couldn't hold the driver settings for more than a day. And I'd had enough of reinstalling the

A new wireless printer was procured - which is very nice, now everyone in the home can print. Which meant a more central printer location was needed, which meant Stuff Needed To Be Rearranged. (much plugging and unplugging occurred)

Something is bleep bleep bleeping in my home, somewhere.

Is it one of the computers or cel phones? That was another series of learning this week. The young person discovered texting and calling her buddies now that the summer separation from the school social network is in full swing. New phone plan, new phones all around, and more setup of technology.

More bleep bleep bleeping from somewhere in the home.

And it worked out that this week the neighborhood cable contract upgraded everyone to digital. Meaning every TV needs a "box". Entertainment centers (uhhhhh maybe they should be called zombie centers for the way they suck all the interaction out of people and turn them into snarling monsters if someone "gets in the way") are great for corralling gear, and horrendous for making changes. 3 rooms of gear got unplugged, replugged and restarted. (And the Wii won't power up, now. No Netflix streaming. WHIMPER)

Still that bleep bleep bleep is going on.

In the past, phantom bleep bleep bleeps have emanated from the appliances. Usually a fault condition. And so puzzling to hear and find.

That's where I am this morning. Puzzled at finding the bleeps - is it an alert? A fault condition? A failing battery? An offline gizmo?

Impromptu washing

I need to get back to the feeling of relaxation above. That was day 3 of power outage after Hurricane Wilma.
We were doing bucket laundry on the patio. The immediate stress level was so low I was feeling quite happy despite the inevitable damage fixings that would be addressed down the road. We were camping in our home and it was great.

I'm going to unplug for a bit, detach from technology and get back that relaxed feeling!!

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  1. Isn't life so complicated? Growing up we had one tv (free service) one phone and one car (oh and one bathroom). Nothing beeped except the car horn. Hope you find your beep. Love your screen porch overlooking the lake. Give yourself some time to put your feet up and relax after all that rearranging. Lana


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