Monday, July 11, 2011

What Happened to the Week? - Thrift Share Monday

Certainly a housewares draw in my week of thrift!
Snapping photos this morning in the early, deep-shadowed light.
I sure could use some coffee in that Bergerron Rooster mug above!

A sweet sentiment on the decorative plate above. So reminiscent of Joan Walsh Anglund, but probably not, hers typically have the signature prominently featured.

Does everyone have one of these Merry Mushroom canisters now?
My daughter loved it, so home it came. And when she tires of it - off to eBay/etsy it goes.

Pimpernel table mats - English Village scenes. New in box. Pennies, I tell ya', I paid pennies for them!!

15 books for $1 day at the AVDA thrift last week. Some various tomes came home.

It's all about the cover graphics. Does Leewards still exist? Sadly, no. I remember visiting the stores when I was little in the '70's.
Clamping my hands over my ears to block out their buzzing fluorescent lights I was delighted if I got to bring home a little crafty kit of some sort.
Nowadays it's all about Michaels, JoAnn's, and online shops!!

Sharing my thrifty treasures today along with Apron Thrift Girl, SouthernHospitality, and Her Library Adventures.


  1. A great Haul! My favorite has to be the LeeWards book..not only is it a craft book (which I have a fondness for) but it's birght and has an owl (which I also have a fondness for)

  2. that cover of the book is amazing! how vibrant. and while i don't think i would use that mushroom guy, he's still so cute!

  3. Love your finds. I have the salt and pepper shakers to match the mushroom canister. Too cute

  4. love the rooster cup! would totally use that to greet the sunrise! i have one of those arts and crafts the owl on them. can't make myself get rid of it yet!

  5. Oh that book!! I love vintage craft books.


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