Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And there went my morning...

It's a Tuesday - not an Odd Tuesday when I get togther with creative friends, but an Even Tuesday - when I planned a creative morning.


I even have a nicely re-organized studio to work in.

At last - I can find things

I can find things!!

Makes me ready to DO!

My plan was to walk with the dog in the early a.m. - less sweltery weather. Then put in a couple of creative hours before turning into Taxi Mom for our daughter and her summer camp classes.

So I went to bed too late last night (midnight thirty) and got up two hours later than usual.

Did my morning routine and sat in front of Google Reader with my coffee....
Looking at my clock and realize - I've lost my morning. Sheesh.

(slinking back to my coffee - I write this blog post - vowing to tame the evening TV monster, get some sleep and start again tomorrow!!)


  1. I know what you mean, time just goes so fast before you know it it's over. I have a netflix movie sitting in my living room for over two weeks now, waiting to be watched. I have books waiting to be finished. I must compliment you on your workspace. Really organized! Well, we're not perfect, it's ok to spend a morning or day here and there not accomplishing much. I say what is the rush?

  2. I have lost so many mornings recently - sometimes whole days! I was quite disciplined when term ended but it seems to have slipped a bit - must do better!


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