Friday, August 19, 2011

Conceptual stitching...

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I like creative work that includes the time element. Items worked day by day or week by week in small fragments, then brought together into a complete piece.
This is different from saying "I'll make a quilt of a specific block every week then assemble it into a quilt". That puts too much pre-planning on the design.
Instead, I like that each effort is a reaction, recollection or recording of that specific day or week. A captured, repeated, reflective moment.

My own efforts in this manner...

Waiting room knitting

I had spent frequent hours in doctors waiting rooms - never for myself - but as driver, caregiver, worrier. Along came my knitting - simple scarf knitting - in black and white. I have 2.5 scarves from those days. And many memories of conversations started with other waiting room worriers.

Summer - August 2006 - Traces

A quiet month at home - very hot, rising gas prices, new neighborhood. Didn't go out much.
I recorded every trip I drove that month.
Stitched on a layer of Peltex covered in segments of Mapquest printouts

The underside I call the "earthworm view".

I'm ready to set out on another "stitch record" project. Something with a lighter tone, perhaps, than waiting room worrying, or gas price/new home/summer fatigue fretting. The conceptual knitting project records the skies of the day in knit. Beautiful. Reflective of the location.

I contemplate something in fabric. Strips perhaps. Or painted on fabric.

We'll see.....

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