Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mystery Items - Thrift Share Monday (on Thursday!)

Hurricane Irene stayed away from us and allowed our North Carolina visitor to make the trek down. Oodles of thrift shopping occurred over a 4 day period. From tidy, organized Goodwill's to cluttered family run  thrifts and even an ultra-hoarder, stacked to the ceiling, turn sideways down the aisles, where's my flashlight hole in the wall type of place.

Want to help with some mystery item identification????

No. 1:

Marked 'Italy', accordion silver-plated tongs. Are they sugar tongs? Grape tongs? They're fairly robust, yet petite in size.

No. 2:

The mind boggles at the length of this cruise - 40 days!! What was this dish? A wine coaster? Ash tray? Pin dish? Souvenir??? It's Rosenthal china, too.

No. 3:

Sure, they're Georges Briard glasses. Pattern name is a mystery. What type of glasses though? With vegetable, fruit and fish drawings on them - juice glasses? Mixed drinks glasses. A minor puzzle!!!

Bonus game: which item cost the most at 85 cents???

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  1. Hmm, I have no idea what pattern the glasses are, but I love them! Great find.

  2. The Haseatic II was a cruise ship belonging to the German ship company Hamburg-Atlantik Linie (seat in Hamburg, Germany) and was employed from 1967-1973 for the company

    Those dishes were made for nearly every cruise as a memory for the passengers. Remember, back in the days not everybody was able to afford a cruise like this and those who were had no problem in undertaking a 40 day slow voyage. It was the time when only a few people were able to take an airplane. Travelling over great distances was still a luxury.

    Antiqbook has a brochure of the same voyage

    have fun with your findings

  3. Many thanks, everyone.

    Ulrike - thanks for the link and translation! It still boggles the mind at such luxury to take slow trips over great distances.

  4. Bonus Game answer = the Rosenthal dish was 85 cents (tongs were 25 cents, glasses 30 cents each)

    Couldn't pass up those prices!


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