Monday, September 26, 2011

One for me - One for you - Thrift Share Monday

Flowers and Furry critters

The sun and I are off sync this last week. Good photos have been hard to create, so I've setup the dining room photo station

Photo tent and lights
My backgrounds of late have been colorful artist papers from Michael's - branching out from basic blue or white.

It's been a busy thrifting time - found some lovely stuff and keeping 25% of what I find - waffling over 25% of it and listing the rest!  This weekend was the Big Garage Sale again at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Busy, crowded and fun. All indoors in air conditioning thankfully!

Books, books, books, of course, and some Pendelfin figurines from England. Lots of floral bits - including those Vera Neumann for Mikasa plates in the photo above. Pattern named "Field Flowers" I have 4 big and 6 little plates. They're in my waffling pile - I like them. I can see me using them.

The local Faith Farm thrift store was having a 60th anniversary sale - 60% and more off their low low prices - I think I spent $1.25 for two big bags of goodies. We stayed to have lunch and sit on the veranda listening to a steel drum player - lovely atmosphere!

Most fun 'keeper' find of the week:

$9 mannequin displaying last years halloween costume

Time to get back to the photos....!

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