Monday, October 31, 2011

Start of a Collection? - Thrift Share Monday

No, not this chippy red parrot hanger

Nor these Villeroy and Boch Le Ballon cups and saucers

Not the Disney carousel mug
Not the vintage-y Christmas ornaments

Ah - yes - the red handled kitchen utensil - now there's my new collection!
Goes right with my knife sharpener found last week.

I enjoyed a day shopping solo in thrifts and an antique mall with my upcycled fabric totebag

Retro totebag

Perhaps I should make some more!!!

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  1. I collect the same kind of utensils! I have them in an old glass jug and (living in the country) after a month or so, little spiders make homes among them. MY husband will then ask the question "Do we need these?" and I am afraid for now, the answer is yes...until I am ready to let go! Happy collecting,

  2. Cool finds, I especially like the old Christmas decorations.


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