Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Assisi Work Pincushion

Yesterday, Nick in Australia blogged about rescuing an old assisi-work pincushion at an estate sale.
Beautiful work on that pincushion - with lovely bobbly bits at the corners.
(Good story too - go have a read!!)

And doncha'-know I had an old assisi-work linen hand towel sitting in the 'probably should donate' pile. So I set to work trimming off the bottom part and stitching sides together and across the top.

Stuffed and then squinting in the quasi-light of a 15 watt CFL bulb proceeded to grumble my way through tying the bottom with little tassels and twisting a cord for the top.

Yep - keeping floss on those little bobbins "irons in" the creases.
I'll need to do some wetting and flattening to get the threads to look less like tangled 'morning hair'.

Still - not too bad for a instantaneous finish.
(Here's the glamor shot with the blue background - oooooo)

Back's almost matching up too.

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