Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thanks Mom!!

Lookee!!! I'm the lucky recipient of this quilt from my Mom. (It's a combo birthday and Xmas present) She has done a fantastic job on its construction and quilting.

A while ago I had become enamoured with a pieced quilt pattern and had a go at starting it.

Flawed folky star

But I discovered that I hated DOING the exacting piecing that it would take to make a great quilt top. So I hung the block on my wall in the living room as is, vowing to do SOMETHING with it one day because, imperfections and all, I still loved the look.
Along came a serendiptious find of Eleanor Burns Star Log Cabin book and passed it along to Mom (She likes Eleanor's method of quilt assembly). Lo and behold Mom was the one who put together the idea of expanding the colors of my block into a quilt of this books' style. Pulling off not only the star and checkerboard of the original block but adding in a favorite color combo in my home.

 And it's a great result.

Now guess, how many minutes does it take for a quilt to attract a cat (and dog)?!

Dewey and Lily - about 5 minutes after quilt was installed
Keep still, Dewey, I'm trying to snap your photo!!!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous quilt Jackie!

  2. You are one really lucky and well loved young lady. Would it be possible to learn the pattern name your mom used? Your quilt is exactly the pattern I have been looking for and would help me not to need to redo one of the many log cabin quilt patterns I have found. If she does not remember it is okay too! Enjoy your quilt when your fur babies will allow you the chance.

  3. It was Eleanor Burns Star log cabin book.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful! I think I just found my next project!!!


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