Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Kitchen - Thrift Share Monday

Food chopper - stacking canisters
Kitchen goodies turned up this week while shopping the thrifts.
I hadn't seen a food chopper quite like this one - its lid is quite space saucer in shape, and the wooden bead top has aged to a beautiful soft red. What do you reckon  - circa 1960's? 50's? 70's? The glass vessel beneath is marked Dispensers Inc, Los Angeles, New York.

Those stacking bowls/canisters set on the right has a great assembled shape too. I keep thinking "I Love Lucy" with Ricky Ricardo and  his bongo drums. Funnily, I didn't realize they stacked when I bought them nested inside the top bowl. I figured 2 of the lids were missing!! Researching made me wiser, however. There is a label on them, but I'm not sure it's original to the set. It says "National Silver Company Nagoya Japan". These certainly aren't silver - they're plastic. So - more research!!
Meanwhile, I am enjoying their bright cheerfulness sitting on my countertop.

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  1. Love those both!! That cannister set it wonderful!

  2. what a cheerful canister! so fun!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. Love your finds, I love vintage kitchen stuff especially anything that has red in it.


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