Monday, December 19, 2011

to cook, to craft, to build - Thrift Share Monday

Fire King Gay Fad ? hand painted casserole
 I popped into a thrift shop tied to a local hospital last week. It's out of my usual driving routes so I don't get there too frequently.

Fire King casserole
 They're known for their designer clothing boutique (I've not ventured in there, yet!), and for their generous discounts which enables frequent stock turnover.

The Fire King casserole dish is in great shape - I think it's the Gay Fad painted style - but I've not seen them in the clear dishes before.

Leewards Autumn Beauty Crewel kit
It surprised me to find the still sealed crewel kit above. LeeWards is a now defunct craft store chain that I remember from my Michigan days.

Entek Loc Blocs Magic Kingdom Castle set

I'm still assembling the Magic Kingdom castle to gauge the missing pieces. Sadly the box is in shabby shape and Mickey and Minnie figures are gone. The wordless directions are in black and white - Challenging me to replicate the box version without color guides!! 

Books and a Doberman plate

And a couple of books to peruse - Far Side comics and scary stories collection  are for us - the Sotheby's catalog is ebay bound, as well as the Doberman plate.

Hope everyone is relaxing into this Christmas week (for those who observe the holiday!)...

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  1. I like the fire-king casserole. I agree with you that I have only seen it in the white. Looks like you did well with your visit. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. So many fun finds! I especially love the lego castle!


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