Saturday, December 31, 2011

Years end - Thrift Share Monday

I had challenged my sister-in-law to a $5 thrifted gift exchange.
She did marvelously! (It's those who know you best who can choose terrific gifties for you!)
She found me a Florida author (I love regional writers) to try, increased my gaudy tropical mug collection, spied a nifty pad of post it notes (that little black book), a few napkins to reuse, and a tea strainer. That strainer'll come in handy to try the new teas in my stocking.
(I am expanding my tea knowledge after watching this show)

Pyrex Butterfly Gold pitcher, 1950's Anchor Hocking Wrought Iron pitcher

The holidays had us swamped with house guests, visitors and activities.
 I'm ready for a quiet few weeks in the New Year!
A bit of thrifting was squeezed into the chaos, too.

Georges Briard commemorative Knights of Pythias glass tray/dish/plate

Mr Bartender Drink mixer glass, Franciscan starburst mug, 1980's Boynton mug

Somehow I'm coming home with more glass and breakables lately!!

Wishing everyone has a pleasant New Years Eve & Day!

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  1. Fab finds! Love those gorgeous pitchers :)
    Happy New Year!
    Sophie x

  2. That is a wonderful Anchor Hocking Wrought Iron pitcher. I love the dual colors of pink and black from that time period.

  3. Love both of the pitchers - that's a great find!!!


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