Monday, January 9, 2012

Graphics and Metal - Thrift Share Monday

Georges Briard Strawberry glass dish

Little things have made their way home with me recently.
We're enjoying strawberries from the fields locally (Bedner's is a farm stand we try to frequent), so the Georges Briard strawberry dish was an instant grab!

Arthur Court Lily of the Valley Salad Servers, butter cutter
And from my favorite  kitchen utensil source I'm loving the aluminum butter cutter. The styling is vintage - but I've no idea if it really is. I'm tickled that it has the adjustment screw on the bottom so you can tighten the cutting wires. Not designed to use and throw away but to repair and carry on with its' duty.
Another interesting find from the same source - a pair of figural aluminum salad servers. The bottom reads Arthur Court 1991 and have the form of Lily of the Valley and rabbits. These are headed to eBay after I clean them up a little!!

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  1. I love the graphics on that strawberry tray!

  2. Hi there, I just stumbled onto your blog! I love your strawberry Briard dish! My sisters collect Briard in a big way! I have a couple of pieces too. (Wish there was more space in my house for ALL the things I love.)


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