Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Over The Place - Thrift Share Monday

From embroidery kits & baseball fabric
To restaurant bowls & seagull clocks

Thrifting finds over the last couple of weeks have been all over the place!
Some items are knee-jerk nostalgic buys
(the orange 70's sunset and seagull clock for instance -

 Looking back to figure out what else triggered a buy... 
A trio of unopened embroidery and needlepoint kits is easy to know why -
there's that family link to the needlework industry since the 70's.
They're just so familiar.

Vera Neumann purple pear napkins

The Vera Neumann purple pear napkins?
Definitely a combination of love of her graphic style, the colors are beautiful, and condition of the linen superb.

Homer Laughlin restaurant ware

And these aqua and grey leaf berry bowls - nostalgia galore!
 I can imagine a side of cole slaw sliding across a formica diner table in these robust china bowls.

Olde Orleans salad plates

Stetson handpainted platter

And more plates to sell
(But I'm feeling a little attached to the Stetson platter, might need to keep that one for awhile!!).

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  1. You have some very nice finds. Great photography too. What's your secret? Question - how did you create your photo mosaic at the start of this post?

    1. Thanks, Karen!
      My photography has improved through the years. Lighting is key! I use a photo tent and extra lights when I can't use natural daylight.
      And a tripod when possible to get them nice and sharp.

      That photo mosaic? I used the free software download from

  2. I have such a soft spot for restaurant ware. I wonder if I am attracted to its ability to handle the bumps and thumps of life and yet fulfill its role of delivering food. Plus, the graphics, so clean and practical.

  3. I just starting hunting for Vera before Christmas, I've been lucky to find a few scarves but haven't spotted any any napkins - great find!

  4. Hi, I'm a pretty new blogger-I love, love the seagull clock. I was wondering if you had time, could you help a baby blogger out... whats the code I have to add to my gadgets to add Apron Thrift Girls - Thrift Share Monday Button? I look forward to checkin out more of your finds :)

    1. Thanks! And no problem, I'll send info via email....


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