Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Morning - Thrift Share Monday

Fire King McDonalds stackable mugs
 Last day of spring break for my daughter today.
Met with mixed emotions - we've been a bit bored this week, but not wanting to go back to school either. A dilemma for sure!

Thrift in action - Farberware percolator and Midwinter sun cup & saucer
So I'm enjoying coffee from the thrifted percolator  in my thrifted cup and saucer and attempt to rouse the sleeper on her last day of freedom before the big push for those dratted yearly tests.

[And have you seen Harriete Estel Berman's installation art "PICK UP YOUR PENCILS, begin" referencing the effect of standardized testing on the education system and students?

If you're able, help her Kickstarter funding for the video documentary]

Sadler A Day at the Races teapot
 The spring break week wasn't all lolling around moping about - there was the Big Garage Sale at the South Florida Fairgrounds. We tried out paying an extra $2 to go in early - WHAT A DIFFERENCE that made. Sure it was an early start (5:30am up, 6:15 leave the house to arrive at the opening at 7am) But to shop in NO CROWDS and get first dibs was amazing.

I was a little worried at first when I saw the line of 40 people in line in front of us, but the expo center is so big that there was plenty of chance to browse the first pickings without duress.
(even got free reusable shopping bags for being early entrants - cheap thrills!)

(We were done shopping as the next crowd entered at 8am and after a bit of breakfast made it down to Faith Farm thrift to stand in line with 50 others for  opening time
  9am there.)

Corning Corelle tulip embossed plates etc.
 Now this garage sale was about 60 tables big - certainly less than the July mega garage sale that offers more tables to local charities and is at least 3 times bigger.

Plenty of bits and bobs to buy - I jumped at the McDonald's Fire King mugs - even one from Canada. Love how they stack!  The Corelle embossed tulip pattern was unfamiliar to me - it's the covered sugar bowl that had me!

Barbara Furstenhofer March plate - folk tales in Germany series
A collector plate - not my typical buy, it was the orange sun that drew me in.

Chevron pieced patchwork seventies wrap skirt
 Orange chevron stripes - that's why the skirt came home - it's lined too, and quite heavy. I'll sell it if I can, if not - pillows? Tablecloth???

One dollar aluminum beach chair
 Florida - beach - aluminum chair - one dollar
That's a given (the armrests are crucial to prop your arms holding a book!)

Ooops in action - Britto spoon rest (with chip)
 Not everything that comes home is a winner for resale - this time a thrifted oops in the Britto spoon rest - a bit of a chip at one end. Still put to use in our kitchen.

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  1. We had lawnchairs in just that same weave when I was a kid! :)

  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun and I agree with you about the early bird getting the worm. Love the beach chair.

  3. My favorites - the lawn chair and the Fire King mugs - great finds!!!

  4. those fire king mcD's mugs are AWESOME, especially the canada one! and that skirt?! wowza! awesomely crazy.

  5. The McD's mugs are good eBay sellers--I bet the Canada one would be especially, since it's rarer! Just in case you decide to part with them. :)

  6. Looks like a good morning. I like the imidwinter cup set, macdonalds mugs and the chair especially. That skirt is not to my taste but is amazing to think of the work gone into it.


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