Friday, May 17, 2013

Insomnia works - a.k.a. - Glamping Quilt piecing done!

Apparently I'm in the insomnia phase of life!! The eyes pop open about 2 a.m. and the mind starts racing.

I have to get up.

Last night the ol' brain was mulling over embellishment ideas for the Glamping table topper quilt,

and calculating if I'd enough charm squares left to create a binding for the quilt.

My middle of the night calculations said yes. So I prepped some squares and headed back to bed.

But plowing through the morning work I'd prepped in the wee hours, I discovered that math is best left for daylight and calculators.!!

So my patchy binding became a blocky border: I had EXACTLY enough charm squares to pull this off!!

Seaming it all together today - it's in imperfect condition. Fact of life for me - the novice quilter.

And these blocks didn't make the cut for the corners. Too busy - so I'll add them to the back somehow.

I'm short a little bit of rick rack at the moment - but I want to suggest the guide wires (guy wires?) that hold up tents. The quilt needs a little more pizzazz around the edges apart from quilting that will happen later!

I think criss-crossing the rick rack will make for a more rope like appearance - rather than just an echo of the triangle shapes.

And perhaps flags from the top of each tent?? Maybe too circus-like, let me think on that.

I'm so excited to have the piecing done!!

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  1. I guess we're in the same boat, I miss my sleep!! This quilt is coming along nicely, I love it. I really like the flag idea, will add just that little bit of detail, screaming -LOOK AT ME! Wonderful!

    1. Yes - I like that idea - the 'Look at me' factor!

  2. I love the blocky border. I guess now you're still stuck with figuring out a binding though, huh?

    It's all coming together very nicely though!

    As a fellow novice, I had trouble with corners matching a bit too on a changing pad I did recently. I'm not ready to try a 'real' quilt just yet!!

    1. I'm learning how to hide the learning curve mistakes too. - Trying to hide the mismatched seams and off sized blocks by making sure centerlines are aligned, etc!

  3. I had been thinking of adding a small lace edging to a quilt I am making this summer and everyone thought I was crazy... so happy to see others add to a quilt to give it dimension without taking away from it's lovability or usefullness! Thanks for a great blog read. Kathi

    1. Add that lace edging!! It'll be a great enhancement!


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