Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - Bright & Cheerful

From BHG Patchwork & Quilting book

I grabbed this 70's era quilting book when the bright colors caught my eye.

The contemporary quilts of then have returned to appeal for today with the resurgance of quilting and the modern quilt guild style quilts.

From BHG Patchwork & Quilting Book

These colors, with the predominant tangerine orange tones, are popping up in today's products.

From BHG Patchwork & Quilting Book

This Storm at Sea block pattern is down right traditional yet feels fresh.
I still love the movement in the pattern and the blue fabrics chosen.

Plastic play food toys

That book was a thrifty find as were these modern plastic play food toys - these bound for ebay though!

Taylor smith & Taylor Cathay pattern

Just as I sell my similar batch of  Taylor Smith & Taylor this  Cathay dish pattern batch turns up!

Susan Branch Summer Book

OOOoooo - a trio of Susan Branch cookbook/lifestyle books.
I'm not a whiz at cooking (I assemble food - no culinary masterpieces from my kitchen!)
 but I love the watercolor drawings and hand written text in these hardback books.

Hope everyone's holiday weekend was a good one!

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  1. I love that BH&G book -- Modern Quilting from another time!

  2. Love those Taylor Smith & Taylor plates! So pretty!

  3. That book is fabulous: I have a copy & I'll have to pull it out and glory in the gorgeous patterns and ideas again!


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