Thursday, May 17, 2012

Odd Tuesday Dyeing Day Reveal

Cotton embroidered tray cloth

After yesterday's efforts with the dyeing day
And  they're finally dry!
These are my new fabrics to play with, newly enhanced by color color color!

Linen embroidered bag
 They were all variants of white and ecru to start, most with staining that would not remove.

Shabby cotton embroidered hankie

1/2 heavy linen pillow sham

1/2 heavy linen pillow sham

Cotton lace trim

Color fun!

Very shabby cotton drawn thread and needle lace table topper

Belinda's glorious marble prepped scarf!

I've a little dye left to use up
(Mostly black)
So I'm off to the fabric bags to see what I can enhance with other dye techniques.
Stay tuned!!
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  1. Wow!! your colors are fabulous! Now I'll look around to see more!

  2. Gorgeous colours! Found you through the linky party :)Twiggy Nest

  3. Love those colors! The linen bag is a beautiful blue!


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