Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take A Stitch Tuesday - Stem stitch

Stem and Outline stitch

In my mind this is such a simple stitch.
No counting involved, a repetitive one-step movement to the stitch.

Stem/outline stitch on sun-printed cotton

Yet, deceptively simple.
 To make a good looking stitch line requires uniformity of action.
And some adjustment for the curves and corners.

Stem and outline stitch around sunprinted initial

Making stitches on a piece of plain cotton, as opposed to evenweave fabric like those used for counted cross-stitch or needlepoint, requires constant visual gauging of stitch lengths and position.

There's no cheating here!

And this I am humbly reminded as I wobble my way 'round my initial on a fabric drawstring bag I had sun-printed recently.

sunprinting in process

The sunprinting a project with my creative buddies at one of our Odd Tuesday get-togethers.

sunprinted fabric

[And many thanks to Gina of Claynfiber for the borrowing of her photos]

Take A Stitch Tuesday 2012 is an online weekly stitch challenge hosted by Sharon B of Pintangle.

Each week she chooses an embroidery stitch which the participants then work in any fashion they choose. All levels of participants can join in - stitch instructions are included on the site, along with some nudges in how to use them in your own designs.
There's a flickr group here, a facebook group here, and a Stitching Fingers group here.

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