Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stitching Scraps and Streaming Shows

Reindeer potholder/oven mitts

Armed with leftover trimmings from these oven mitts created a couple of years ago (assembled from post-Xmas sale Paperchase tea towels and clearance rack fabrics)

Quilted scrap

Facing a use it or lose it decision
(decluttering as always)

Seamed strips and binding waiting

Simple zig-zag seamed strips with overlocked edges
and a serendipitous find of a donated PRECUT binding!

Mug Rug 3 - The Wallander

 Laptop streaming Wallander III from PBS - and another mug rug is attempted.

(Next one I SWEAR I'm pulling out the directions for better bindings!)

Mug Rug 2 - The Doc Martin

Yes, Mug Rug 3 because the previous evening I'd attempted the binding-free version of a mug rug with the jump-on-the-bandwagon selvedge striped design.

Doc Martin season 5 (or maybe the movie) streaming on the laptop in the background.

Mug Rug 2 reverse
Meh...don't love the design...don't love the assembly method...didn't even bother to finish the quilting - saving my thread for something more interesting.

The real question is...

Will I ever watch regular broadcast TV again?

(Love my Netflix/ On Demand/ streaming services)

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  1. Oh those reindeer mitts and mug rug make me smile! I love deer in general and those are very festive. Nice work:)

  2. I love those reindeer oven mitts. And what a great way to use up scraps.


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