Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricanes and Windows

Hurricane Sandy forecast

It’s Friday.

School’s been cancelled due to the tropical storm wind threat from offshore Hurricane Sandy - the blue zone in the map above. (It’s all about school bus safety)

For us, so far, it’s been sporadically drizzly and a tiny bit blustery.

Contemplating preparations, I’m debating any need to close the hurricane shutters.

Sun off and on - shutters closed or no?

At best, I’ll get a bit wet while doing so, at worst, I’ll discover a sticky shutter that needs attention due to delayed maintenance. (The elusive silicone spray is not in stock)

Our current home has 17 window openings to cover – made easier by the mounted accordion shutters we, at the cost of a small car, installed after Hurricane Wilma in 2006. 

With gratitude: Haven’t. Used. Them. Yet. 

Under good conditions that’s about an hour of effort, once the protective gloves have been discovered, and ladder dragged into position for the transom window!

…thinking back…

1990 - Blissfully unaware prior to Hurricane Andrew

Our first home (well, the first home we bought) had 7 window openings to cover. I could install the light aluminum panels with hammer and pegs in under 40 minutes, while 7 months pregnant. (Hurricane Andrew scared us to purchase them a year post disaster- $800)

…and further back…

Our first rental house was a 2 bedroom, mid-century ranch quasi-horror. Toe-curling pink tiles and fixtures in one bathroom, lilac tiles and fixtures in the other, yet, awesome aqua and grey boomerang Formica kitchen countertops.

Similar to this countertop from

 (I should shut-up! I have pink tiles in both bathrooms now and mauve kitchen countertops.)

Back in those days, decades from any sort of hurricane scare, we thought the owners were over-reactive preppers, and secretly laughed about them. Youthful ignorance!

With 11 window openings and heavy plywood coverings to mount, I’m glad we never had to use them in the scant 2 years we were there.

Back to today

I'll scour the weather websites a few more times before I decide to make the shuttering effort.

Hope everyone else in Sandy's path does their necessary preparations and fares well!

Custom cell phone pouches in process!

Meanwhile, I have some cell phone pouch orders to assemble and will head back to my studio for a fret-free hour or two of sewing!

(Can I make one for you? I'll be adding the custom order option to my Stitchy Bits Etsy store soon)

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  1. Hope all is well and you didn't get hit by the hurricane.
    Our daughter in PA is without electric still. Kids still home from school and don't know when they will go back. We have kids in PA, NY and CT. They are all safe.


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