Thursday, November 8, 2012

A fun commission

Batch of cell phone pouches

I love it when creative work happens with ease!

Cell phone pouches, reverse side

We were spending time outside last month at the union picnic, chatting with those once a year friends.
(You know, the folks that you've known for ages but your paths only cross at yearly functions.)

I was asking around to see everyone's cell phones and testing to see if they fit in my cell phone pouch. There are so many different types of phones, and phones with cases, I needed to see what would fit, what needed a pattern tweak, etc.

 Numerous ideas came up for pattern tweaks - could there be a tuck pocket on the back? Could there be an access hole for headphones? Could they be waterproof? Could they be on a velcro arm band? Could they be larger? I tell them the answers are yes, yes, probably, yes, yes!

Back tuck pocket

And so I work with a friend on a special skull bag for her husbands' birthday.

First I created some cloudy fabric and hand stamp on my skull - and send off the results for her to choose just the right one.

Large and small cell phone pouches

Then I go into batch mode and stitch up 3 pouches - 2 with the requested back tuck pocket in the larger size, and while I'm at it an smaller patchwork one. I confirmed her choice and sent off the pouch gift wrapped just in time for his Halloween birthday.

I hear back that his gift was well received and I've now got two more special orders to play with!
Whoo hoo!

Colorful details

Part of the fun is selecting the details. Matching or contrasting lining? Which zipper color? Big or little pull tab? Which swivel fob? Add a pull ribbon or no?

each one unique

I'm having fun making these!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Just dropping by from Find a Friend Friday. Great cellphone pouches. I especially like the patchwork one.

  2. Found you via Sew Many Ways. Love the patterns and fabrics you chose.

  3. Just dropping by, FaFF, my daughter would love the skull one. I love the tree/flag.


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