Sunday, February 3, 2013

Glamping sewing started

I've a bit of a romance with vintage camping and caravans - or the IDEA of vintage camping.

Farm Girl MaryJane Butters has coined the term 'Glamping' for glamorous camping.

And in a financially weak moment  I leaped at this fabric charm square bundle from Thimbleanna's store - it's Mary Jane's Glamping collection from Moda fabrics. It has the tents and vintage caravans along with a slew of patterned single color fabrics.

Oh - it has so many uber-sweet colors - made me a little nervous at first - how can it turn out anything but baby/kiddie sweet? But a further inspection turned up the darker colorways, too.

For the moment I'm pairing the big prints with old damask tablecloth in half square triangle blocks - then I'll play a bit more with the rest of the squares and pair it up with another solid to de-sweeten!

This is all  play sewing - no deadlines - no judgement - all fun!!

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  1. ooo love that fabric looks like it is all coming together beautifully .


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