Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy cosplayer!

Striking her pose for Pokemon Team Magma

We (daughter and I) worked together on this cosplay costume over the last month or so. Cosplay - for folks unfamiliar - is costume events and contests for those afficionados of various characters. In this case it's Japanese graphic novels and videos. Natalie loves all things anime and manga!

She came up with the character we'd attempt to create (Pokemon Team Magma grunt). Factors included time to make, cost, and her ability to participate. (novice sewing skills, etc!) We constructed the shape in paper first before cutting & sewing on the actual fleece.

Yup - worked just fine. Though a little warm to wear in our mid-80's temperatures yesterday!

Fushu Daiko taiko drumming show

The event was part of our local Morikami Hatsume Fair celebrating the first buds of spring.
A beautiful day to be outside - browsing the vendors, watching shows and demonstrations, walking the gardens.

The Fine Print Shoppe t-shirt printing
Inside the anime tent/pavilion we stopped in to get our t-shirts printed with the fair logo thanks to The Fine Print Shoppe!

Ah - but thoughts are turning to the 2014 contest already. Perhaps a bit more complex costume next time having a whole year to plan.

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  1. What a fun way to spend mother daughter time together! My niece would LOVE this!

  2. Natalie looks great in her Pokemon costume!


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