Monday, May 27, 2013

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Vintage cookie cutters and birthday candles

I hope everyone enjoyed their 3 day weekend for Memorial Day (in the US). I've scheduled this post in advance so I don't know if my plans came to fruition!

Previous days have turned up these household goodies in the thrift shops locally. I was particularly chuffed to find Girl Scout trefoil cookie cutters in amongst the vintage lot shown above. They were an advertising promo item from Dripolater coffee. (was that a  brand of coffee or coffee maker?)

Cute old mugs are always popular. Here from Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, as well as a patchwork 'Pop' mug and Bichon Frise mug.

Artwork for $1 can't be beat. The cheap frames in the junk bin held these two original signed prints. The orange/rust one dated 1970 looks like student work - I may use it as a matte for the tiny handcolored print from '91. I can't read the writing - wish I knew where the street scene depicts.



Textile rescue time.

 The completed giraffe needlepoint was executed well. For $3 and a bit of labor I'll have a new cushion for the sofa! (Blocking board where are you?)

Crewel work cardinals were in the same $1 bin at the thrift shoppe. An Erica Wilson rescued! The rustically framed piece may be reframed or reworked into pillows or smaller wall pieces.

Anyone who's tried needlework knows how time consuming it is to complete. Reuse of these pieces is a great way to value someone else's handiwork and create a new artisan goody for yourself.

So cute these birthday candle packs from 1965. Promotional items from Prudential insurance 90th anniversary!

And finally a decorative addition to our kitchen - the yellow ruler/level with whiskey advertising fits perfectly up there with the grandfather's lamps!

What've y'all been collecting lately?

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  1. The little candle packages are so sweet!

  2. Loving the cookie cutters. I need to be on the lookout for some of those. Anything to pretty up the sandwiches for the lunchbox!

  3. Those cookie cutters are great!

  4. The ruler is super cool and looks great with your Grandpa's lamps! And the birthday candles...adorable!

  5. Ooh, I love those birthday candles! Such happy colors!

  6. so many great finds! I am SO SO jealous we are remodeling and I am not allowed to buy anything

  7. Nice finds, Jackie! I had no idea what that print depicts, but it's beautiful!

  8. LOVE the cardinals. Droolworthy.



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