Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage and more - I've been shopping! - Thrift Share

I'm researching to find out more on this fabulous photo/painting of what could be a cutter ship.

It looks like a painting up close - yet there's a hint of photography printing in it too. So I've decided it must be a paint enhanced photo of some sort.

The back says a studio in New York (now defunct) and the word "photogravure".

Whatever it turns out to be - I like it! The orange is bold and the quality of the work is very fine.

Couldn't pass up these rustic military green metal bookends.

Nor could I let this complete fondue set pass me by either. It's in pristine condition. Have you ever tried fondue?

Me - just once - in a ship themed restaurant in Underground Atlanta.

Niiiiiice condition on this brass horse wall hook. Reminds me of the brass horse figure I found awhile ago.

And a quirky find - wicker edged souvenir trays. The plexiglas inserts hold an array of vintage postcards from Guyana!

As always, if something caught your eye pop on over to my Etsy shop VintageBitsToo for these listings and others. Or, if I'm too slow to list you can contact me at my email in the sidebar!

Have you been out to the thrifts lately? What's been your quirkiest find??

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  1. Great finds! The brass horse hook is fantastic! My quirkiest recent find is a set of orange bead curtains from the 70's. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but I couldn't leave them!


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