Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vintage binding salvage


Almost imperceptible efforts were made on my Glamping fabric table topper this week.

More thinking than doing in the end, yet that's the way I seem to work - in micro-increments.

I left off last week having pinned down the Dresden fans and center circle. This week I finalized the positions of my half square triangles around the edges.

The quandary was how to finish off the inside curves of the Dresden's?

As it often happens - while doing something completely different (decluttering to the bottom of the laundry bins!) a possibility occurs...

I'd forgotten about some vintage feedsack aprons I'd used as window coverings. I removed them as they started to fade.

Lo and behold - the perfect sized bias binding in red was edging one of them.

So I spent an hour or so unpicking the scant yardage of micro binding.

(and enjoyed learning the prior stitcher's techniques and battles faced when applying that skinny binding)

Placing the binding on the Dresden inner curves seemed incomplete. Here's what an inner border looks like if I choose to add it.

The bold red does de-sweeten the overly pink table topper. Today my mind is seeing baseball diamonds instead of those tent triangles around the edges.

I need to stare at this awhile for other ideas before I commit.

(I'm reaching a dangerous stage of over thinking - need to sew something into position SOON!)

What do y'all think?

And a heads up - tomorrow is Sew Mama Sew's spring giveaway. I'll be participating with the above two stitched dog fabric postcards.

Stop by tomorrow for the links and opportunity to win one of these fun portraits!

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  1. I think the red binding looks perfect on your quilt. It really gives it a new dimension. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. I love the red binding. It really makes the quilt pop. Your postcards have given me an idea for a quilt label for a memory quilt I'm making for my puppy. They're very cute.

  3. Really love the colours in the quilt and I agree the red binding does add that extra dimension.


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