Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunprinted eReader pouch

I didn't intend to make a straight bottomed ereader pouch yesterday.

But, you know how things evolve when you're making up the design as you go. What started as a tapered standup pouch (as I've done before) morphed itself into a padded folio just right for an ereader.

Was it because I made a mistake? Nah! I'm perfect ;-) It all came about as I played with zipper installation and didn't feel like boxing off the bottom.

Inside I've added a little pocket - I find them so useful to organize these larger/more robust pouches. The sides are quilt padded to add some structure and protection to the contents.

The fabric trimmings were big enough for a matchy-matchy loop strap!

One more pouch is on the worktable - will it become another ereader pouch or a tapered one? I'll know later today.

Meanwhile, I'm prepping sunprint fabric for future projects. The blues, birds, and plants one turned out lovely. As its coordinate I've got lime greens with letters drying outside right now. Stay tuned to see how it turned out!

Interested in trying out sunprinting yourself? I've a quick tutorial listed in my How-to's tab above.

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