Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 project updates - half a year already!

This year I've had a spate of productivity - and am so happy about that! I claim it's due to getting much more decluttered and organized in my house and studio that's really been the biggest boost to getting things done.

(Oh, I had help in getting organized - I used Brocante Home's Trash It or Treasure It program over 6 months to methodically work my way through the house! Yes, that's an affiliate link to Alison May's Vintage Homekeeper shop - I will get a little compensation should you purchase through my link.)

But productivity doesn't mean finishes - and there's a reason for that. Usually it's fear, a bit of procrastination, and perfectionism creeping in!

What have I absolutely finished? The giraffe pillow, 2 ereader pouches, a binder cover, a few card folios and some dog postcards. All small projects. (oh, and some drawstring pouches, not pictured)

What am I stalled on?

  • Dresden plate glamping quilt topper - next step is sewing on tiny rick rack - I want it to go right on top of some thick seams and that'll be a challenge. Decision is between hand sewing and machine sewing.

  • Color grid pillow - next step is creating the back - it's all white on white work - and I'm a bright color kinda' gal - pure procrastination!

  • More dog postcards - just got to be in the mood for production work, I guess. No technical issues there - I even have the base postcards already made up.

It's certainly helpful to review the successes so far this year (boosts morale) - and to get a handle on where I'm stalling out. Now what should I do next? Applique, rick rack sewing, dog postcards, or something new?!

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  1. Wow, Jackie, these are all amazing! I LOVE your dog postcards, and I don't even own a dog. I'm heading over to have a look at the links you included.


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