Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Finds - Thrift Share

Vintage children's books with great cover illustrations

Last month was our local Big Garage Sale held at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Once again my daughter and I were up early to forage through the bargain priced goodies.

We're very picky nowadays what we buy - preferring to window shop rather than over-buy. (Something to do with a bursting at the seams ebay/etsy stockroom and plenty of things to list already sitting on shelves!)

This morning I arrive in my home studio/office to find our cat Dewey perched nearby. (He's sitting on top of my covered binder - guess it needs a little cat fiber embellishments!)

He was reminding me of one of our thrift finds that I'd just started to process...

...yes, another textile rescue waiting in the wings. This time a stamped cat embroidery that was in a very grungy frame.

I've since removed it from the frame and given it (and the cardinals picture) a gentle sudsy wash to rid them of years of dust and dirt. Thankfully they came out great - and none of the fiber colors bled into the background linen.

Next up for them? A couple of big pillows!

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  1. Awww, those kitties are so cute! Hope everything is OK with you, Jackie!


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