Saturday, July 13, 2013

Glamping Table Topper - an UH OH! and a plan

Over this week I've slowly (do I work any other way?!) and carefully  worked my way around the center triangles of my table topper, hand stitching down my vintage red rick rack.

It's funny how your mind wanders as you're stitching. I'm thinking ahead to how I want to quilt the center, borders, dresdens etc.

I've dallied with adding more dresden fans to the borders or even at the edges (turned outwards so the points become the corners!)

I've thought about adding more rick rack, maybe in larger sizes towards the outside edges.

And then all the day dreaming comes to a screeching halt when I discover this ...

UGH! my rick rack too short by about 1".

I run away from the project  - avoiding - debating - should I rip off everything and get more rick rack?

Or...attempt to splice it as invisibly as possible?

Splice it is my first choice - and I think I can hide the joins against the similarly colored dots along this edge (see photo).

Now - what do you think - fray check the edges and butt splice them? Or turn them under ever so slightly? What will give me the most inconspicuous join AND actually be possible for me to pull off?

Any and all suggestions welcomed. (well - polite ones anyway!!)

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  1. Could you duplicate the rickrack by sewing a zig zag stitch with a stretch stitch, or just by sewing over and over the zzags to make it thicker?

    1. Hmmm - that's got potential! I do have a little bit more rick rack I can splice in there - maybe oversewing with the machine would work too.


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