Monday, January 28, 2008

Bookcase Assemblage...

Bookcase Assemblage...
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Spent the weekend after the Fiber & Friends group working on a project for school. Took me most of Saturday and a good part of Sunday to do the Order/Disorder/Chaos project. That'll get turned in tomorrow - I'm curious to see if it's well received. If I'm not slammed too hard on it I'll post a pic, at least of the chaos part - it's my favorite panel.

After the painful 4 mile run this morning (feeling a touch over-trained, it was a slog to get through - must take better walking breaks and give my legs more recovery time), and then carpool/dentist trip, I finally got some evening work in on the Roadway quilt. It's all fused down except for the yet-to-be-found/made red warning fabric strip for the top. I proceeded on to start the between-block quilting and have sorted out a pattern in 2 grey rayon threads. One third is quilted now. Pic on Flickr! (see sidebar)

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