Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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Survived the critique today in class!! But I'll just show the one panel of this triptych - the other 2 panels are not as interesting to me.

We were assigned to make a collage triptych using various lines and mediums to express order/disorder/chaos based on drawings we had done the first week of school. My drawings were based on brain coral.

Now the requirements were pretty basic for the project - non-representational, black/white/grey color, collage. I'm amazed at the lack of compliance with the minimums of so many of the other students work. Scary. Was I this clueless in college the first time around? I'm still amazed at the rudimentary classroom skills of some of the students. (no supplies, wrong supplies, no note taking, no listening.) Again - was I this bad in my first college classes 20+ years ago?

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