Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sis and Me 1966ish

Sis and Me 1966ish
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It seems I'm working my way up to being a weekly blogger - baby steps, baby steps!

This week had me finally unpacking and trying out a Christmas prezzie - a slide/negative to digital scanner. Since my old (50's/60's era) slide projector was on the blink it was time to find a way to save these images and be able to enjoy them. I can see several collage projects coming from these images - stylish tailor Mom needs one of her own!!

Art class this week (2d design at college) we're studying line. Had to give a quick presentation on an artist and discuss line in his/her work. I quickly chose my fave Andy Goldsworthy and had no trouble in the presentation, I was chosen to go first and popped right up in front without hesitation. (A VAST change from my ultra-shy earlier years when I would have skipped the project and taken an F rather than talk in front of people) Even got spontaneous applause - quite unexpected and very pleasing.

Interesting dynamics in the class. I'm the oldest student in a group of barely out of high schoolers! Night classes have more age variation, I need day classes to work around my daughters elementary school schedule. It is very much a hands on doing sort of class rather than all lecture. My last 2 years of art classes I have been among the youngest in attendance so the switch to working around younger folks is quite delightful.

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  1. I am so glad you're doing a blog, jackie! I just went through all 29 pages of your flickr site and am so thrilled to hear you're going to school for an art degree! You are one talented (and hard working) lady and I will really look forward to seeing what you make next!
    (and thanks for your comment on my work!)


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